The Dog's BFF Award course was written by Dale McLelland and I as a straightforward guide for dog guardians, dog walkers, groomers and rescuers. It comprises an illustrated 73 page book and a multiple choice questionnaire. Applicants receive a certificate on submission of the questionnaire.

Rescues around the world are now recommending that their volunteers apply for the Award, so that the dogs in their care can be accurately assessed. There's a strong focus on dog behaviour and body language in this course, as understanding canine communication is vital to everyone who is caring for a dog.

The course costs £9.99. 



  • About the Authors
  • Introduction
  • Part 1: Be Positive!
  • Part 2: Life Stages
  • Part 3: The Secret Language of Dogs
  • Part 4: Good Manners, Good Dog!
  • Part 5: Children and Dogs
  • Part 6: The Great Outdoors - Social Skills
  • Part 7: Dog Law
  • Part 8: Responsible Dog Guardianship