A wonderful charity that rehomes older dogs

Oldies Club take in and rehome dogs over the age of 7. Often these dogs need new homes because the previous owner has died, or has to move to sheltered accommodation and cannot take their beloved dog with them. I foster and adopt dogs from Oldies Club because I feel strongly that senior dogs need to spend their twilight time in comfort, surrounded by love.

In 2012, just after my beautiful Oldies Club Greyhound, Lucy, passed away, I fostered three Oldies Club dogs - two of these were very ill and came to spend their twilight time in a loving atmosphere. Tilly, an 11 year old Jack Russell, had been repeatedly abandoned and desperately needed to feel safe, secure and loved. She passed away from kidney failure. Shep, aka The Shepster, a 15 year old collie-husky cross, was terminally ill and unable to walk when he came to live with us. He was only expected to have a few weeks left, but learned to walk again and even to play with Skye, our Lurcher. You can watch a video of Shep and Skye playing together on YouTube. Shep had three happy months with us before passing away from liver failure. Duke, a 10 year old greyhound, arrived as a foster dog but I adopted him. Dukey passed away 5 months later.

Oldies Club are self-supporting and do fundraising in order to meet the high costs of veterinary care for the dogs who come to them. They are always in need of foster carers. If you'd like to help in any way, please email oldies@oldies.org.uk