Become a foster carer for a dog in urgent need



Foster carers are always urgently needed, and temporarily looking after dogs until a forever home is found is an immensely rewarding experience. And, of course, if you fall deeply in love with your foster dog and decide to keep him or her, you can adopt.

Breed specific rescues, as well as your local shelters, are often looking for foster carers, so search for these online and get in touch if you feel especially drawn to a particular breed of dog. 

Many rescues cover a wide area and will be delighted to talk you through the fostering process.

The Oldies Club rehomes dogs of all breeds over the age of 7. Many of these dogs have lost their lifelong owners through death or serious illness, and need a loving home for their twilight years. Older dogs are very undemanding. They ask only for a comfortable bed and your loving company, and if you're thinking of fostering or adopting a dog, but don't have the energy for a puppy or adolescent, please consider taking in an oldie.

Foster carers are highly valued members of the team, and by becoming involved you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are enabling more lives to be saved.