The International School for Canine Psychology & Behaviour (ISCP) is an internationally approved training college which runs a diploma course in Canine Psychology and Behaviour, and a course in Emotional Healing for Dogs. The school has students and graduates in the UK, Ireland, Eire, America, Canada, Spain, Cyprus, Portugal, Greece, Iran, Holland, Sweden, India, Hong Kong, Chile and Australia. Students include dog-owners who wish to gain a deeper understanding of their dogs, rescue workers who use the course to rehabilitate the dogs in their care, and already qualified behaviourists and trainers who wish to further their studies through continued professional development. I founded and am principal of the ISCP.

The Dog Welfare Alliance (DWA), which I founded, brings together the general public, professionals, organisations and rescues globally, to increase awareness of positive training methods and improve dog welfare. 

At this time, more dogs than ever before are in need of our help. The tagline for the Dog Welfare Alliance is Connection - Communication - Cooperation - Collaboration. Through working together we can bring about tremendous change!

The Association of INTO Dogs is an organisation of trainers and behaviourists who use only positive and respectful methods in their work with dogs. I was nominated Chair of INTO Dogs in 2015.

The Animal Behaviour & Training Council (ABTC) is the regulatory body for behaviourists and trainers. I'm a member of ABTC, representing INTO Dogs. 

Beware of the Dog Law is a slideshow created by me and Theo Stewart via the ISCP and DWA about the implications of the changes in dog laws in 2014. A more in-depth version of this is available for professional presentations on request. 

Pet Professional Guild. I am on the Education Committee for PPG.

The Dog Helpline. I set up this distance advice line to offer consultations through Skype or over the phone. It's for dog owners and rescue charities who don't have easy access to a qualified behaviourist or trainer who uses only positive methods. Clients come from America and the Middle East, as well as the UK and Europe.

The Dog Helpline is owned and run by Theo Stewart. Please email her if you need behaviour guidance for your dog.


Organisations that I wholeheartedly support

Pet Dog Trainers of Europe is another organisation for trainers and behaviourists who use 'positive' methods. 

The Dog Rescue Federation works alongside the government to raise awareness of, and improve the lives of, rescue dogs.

CARIAD is an organisation that works tirelessly to raise awareness of the appalling conditions in puppy farms/dog battery farms. Recently I've been one of a team of four behaviourists commissioned by CARIAD to write two booklets: one for rescues and one for fosterers/adopters who take in dogs from battery farms.

Oldies Club is a rescue charity which takes in and rehomes dogs over the age of seven. I've fostered several elderly dogs for them, and have adopted three senior dogs, including two Oldies Club dogs.  

Glendee Rescue & Rehoming does wonderful work with dogs of all ages and breeds, and guides adopters through the settling in period by giving expert behaviour advice.



With Duke Greyhound and Skye Lurcher