Understanding the Planetary Myths. Published by Quantum




Understanding the Planetary Myths   was published by Quantum in 2004, but marinated for years before making it to the written page. I was fascinated by myths of all cultures from early childhood, and my first stop was at the library in each area that our family moved to. As we moved house at least once a year, that meant a tour of a great many libraries and lead to a lifelong passion for books. I became interested in astrology in my early twenties, and was taught the principles of Astrological Psychology by Bruno and Louise Huber of The Astrological Psychology Institute.

The correlations between the stories of the Greek and Roman deities and the qualities attributed to the planets named after them seemed very pertinent, and I began to use these while interpreting natal charts. When my editor at Quantum/Foulsham publishers suggested a new book, I sent her the outline and sample chapters of these ideas and how they could be applied practically, and Understanding The Planetary Myths was born.

The book describes the stories of each deity that the planets and asteroids are named after, the personality traits, the family relationships which are reflected in interpretation as astrological aspects, and looks at the archetypal resonance of each figure as it is experienced psychologically. You can find this book in most booksellers and online stores.