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HEALING MANDALAS is about how mandalas, sacred images which have a profound effect upon the psyche, can be used for healing at a fundamental level.

The book describes how we can access the source of healing that resides within us. The 30 mandalas in this book take the reader on a journey of self-discovery, and are designed to facilitate healing in all areas of our lives. The book explores the history of mandalas, and how these can be used for healing, looks at how symbols can affect us at a deep subconscious level and can help to enable us to tap into our inner strength and sense of purpose in order to create lasting changes. The power of the mind and the ways in which perception is based on current mind states are explored, along with ways through which we can use mandalas to generate a more positive perspective. Through meditating on the mandalas in this book, we can tap into our sense of wholeness and self-empowerment.