Book and deck of tarot cards




The Glastonbury Tarot was commissioned by Gothic Image Publications, with the US Rights sold to Samuel Weiser Inc. It was published in 1999. I was asked to illustrate the cards as well as write the book, and the project took 20 months to complete. I now own full copyright of the images and book.

The paintings are in oils, and the focus of this tarot deck is the landscape, history and mythology of Glastonbury and the surrounding areas. Creating a tarot deck is a powerful and awe-inspiring learning process, because it is necessary to delve deep into the self in order to portray the emotional charge that should be conveyed through the imagery. The cards should speak to the subconscious mind through colours and form, to create a "feeling" that leads to personal interpretation, so I deliberately kept the paintings simple and vibrant. The book describes the story behind each card, the symbolism in the image, and gives the divinatory meanings.

You can see the full set of Glastonbury Tarot images at RedBubble, and buy them as greetings cards.



Web designer Graham Irwin runs this website, which offers free online readings using my Glastonbury Tarot images and text. Just follow this link to have a reading.


Currently the first and second editions of The Glastonbury Tarot are out of print, though copies can sometimes be found on Amazon and eBay.