Lainey Lainey is the sequel to my first Young Adult novel, Lainey's Lot, though it can be read as a stand alone book. It's available on Kindle and as a paperback.




The 'Supposedly' Enlightened Person's Guide to Raising a Dog came out through Hubble & Hattie publishers in August 2017. Co-authored by Dr. Kac Young and me, this entertaining book describes Kac's adventures as a first time adopter, with observations, explanations and guidance by me of how to build the human-canine relationship you dream of. 




Lainey's Lot was shortlisted as one of the top five Young Adult novels at the RONA Romantic Novel of the Year Awards, 2016. The sequel, Lainey's Luck, will be published in 2017.


Charlie, the Dog Who Came in from the Wild, tells the true story of how I rehabilitated Charlie, an unsocialised one-eyed Romanian feral dog. It was published in August 2015 by Hubble & Hattie, and scientist Marc Bekoff, who wrote the Foreword, interviewed me for Psychology Today about life with Charlie and the very special needs of feral and unsocialised dogs. 




My Young Adult novel, Lainey's Lot is published by Accent Press. Lainey's Lot has come out on Kindle and in paperback. My adult novel, The Swan Lake, was also published by Accent Press in 2015. Here's a little taster of the Lainey's Lot storyline:

When Lainey Morgan (aged 14 years and 8 months) bumps into gorgeous Kieran Kamau, it's love at first sight for both of them. But Lainey's Mum, the eccentric Word Magpie, insists that they move from Bath to spooky Ivy House, a weird residential community in Deepest Nottinghamshire. Lainey is miserable there, and the news that Kieran's band, Dark Matter, is now famous changes her life as well as his.

Bullied by the vile Dorm Demons at Ivy House, hounded by paparazzi keen to snap her Bad Hair Days, horrified by her Mum's budding relationship with a community member, and missing her home and her best friend, Amy, Lainey repeatedly tries to escape, only to be hauled back to face even more challenges.

When she's finally allowed to return to Bath, Lainey is thrilled to be back. But the demands of fame and its accompanying pressures start to take their toll on everyone. Lainey begins to realise that first love is only one step along the path to growing up.

In August 2015, Hubble & Hattie are publishing Charlie: The Dog Who Came in from the Wild, my book about Charlie, the one-eyed Romanian feral dog who came to me as a foster in February 2013 and whom I adopted soon after. The book tells the story of Charlie's journey from life as an unsocialised, free-ranging dog with many fears and behaviour issues, through to Charlie eighteen months later - happy, loving and well-adjusted to domestic life.

We learned a great deal from each other - I taught Charlie, through positive, gentle methods, how to cope with a lifestyle that was alien to his wild past, and Charlie taught me a great deal about the effectiveness of patience and kindness in earning trust, and about the awe-inspiring power and beauty of the wild self that exists within all of us. Scientist Marc Bekoff has written a beautiful foreword for the book. 

Charlie: The Dog Who Came in from the Wild is illustrated with many full-colour photographs of Charlie, taken throughout his stages of adjustment during his first eighteen months with us. 



Dogs Today published my article about the need for more stringent border controls after I conducted a four month investigation into the illegal importation of unvaccinated rescue dogs. You can read this in the April 2014 issue of the magazine.  

Dogs Monthly published an article about dog law by myself and Theo Stewart in the February 2015 issue 



USA writing and publishing luminary Chuck Sambuchino interviewed me about The Hearbeat at Your Feet and Dog Training: The Essential Guide for the Writers Digest website. You can read the basic interview on here, or visit Chuck's site for further information.  



You can read my interview with Toni Shelbourne about Toni's beautiful new book, The Truth about Wolves and Dogs, on this website.



You can read my interview with renowned physicist and author Paul Halpern about his latest book, Edge of the Universe on this website.



My guidebook on how to teach your dog good manners using effective reward-based methods also includes games you can play that help to strengthen the bond between you and your dog. It will be published by Need2Know Books on January 30th, 2013. Photo illustrations are by my daughter, Amber Tenzin-Dolma.




The Heartbeat at Your Feet, my new book on dog behaviour and the human-canine bond, was published in hardback and on Kindle by Rowman & Littlefield in November 2012. You can find out more in the Books section on this website and at the website created for this book by the publisher.




I was invited to write the lyrics for Mirror to Mirror, a track on Tony Lowe's wonderful new album, Reflector. I also collaborated with Stephen Richards on a CD called Inspire Me.


There is now a website for The Dog Helpline. This was created so that people can receive dog behaviour advice, by Skype or phone, from anywhere in the world.


'Sunshine and apples', a short story i wrote a while ago, has been published by cabinet des fées. you can read it here.


The law regarding small animal vaccination changed in 2010, so there's a brief description of these changes under the Canine Psychology heading.


My mini-book, 'Adopting a Rescue Dog', is now available. You are welcome to download this for free as a PDF file from this page. This book is also available to buy as a spiral bound paperback here.



There are now some articles in the Canine Psychology section of this site. Just click on the Canine Psychology link and you will find the articles as sub-pages.


I'm giving a talk about emotional healing for animals at AristiA in Portsmouth, UK, on Saturday 18th September from 11.30am to 1pm. Please contact AristiA if you would like to come along. There's no charge to attend.



My daughter's beautiful art and jewellery can now be seen at Amber's online shop, website and on RedBubble



A very special new edition of 50 hand-bound copies of The Glastonbury Tarot, with a new mini-book about the cards, will be published by Papaveria Press in 2012. You can find out more about this here. Reservations for copies can be made by email to

A new edition of the paperback book is now out, and can be found on Amazon.


A video of photographs set to music written and performed by me, in memory of my beautiful rescue greyhound, Orla, is now on YouTube The video was created by Writewright. You can also find out more about Orla here


You can now listen to my latest podcast interview with creative alchemist Cheryl Stringall, produced by Tony Lowe. The interview is on the interviews page on this website. 


Take Control with Astrology, a new expanded edition of Teach Yourself Astrology, will be published by Hodder in January 2010. You can find out more in the Books section of this website.



A French translation of Healing Mandalas is now available


 Lisa Tenzin-Dolma Awarded Doctor of Philosophy in Humanities

April 18, 2009 -- Lisa Tenzin-Dolma, the UK based bestselling-author and artist, has been awarded a Doctor of Philosophy in Humanities by Moffett University for her lifetime achievements supporting truth, peace and well-being for all people.

I was featured in the November 2008 edition of Writing Magazine


I was credited as Special Consultant on the Hollywood movie, The Commune,which features The Glastonbury Tarot