A Young Adult novel


Shortlisted for the RoNA YA Book of the Year Award, 2016 

Coming out in a new edition very soon!

When Lainey Morgan (aged 14 years and 8 months) bumps into gorgeous Kieran Kamau, it's love at first sight for both of them. But Lainey's Mum, the eccentric Word Magpie, insists that they move from Bath to spooky Ivy House, a weird residential community in Deepest Nottinghamshire. Lainey is miserable there, and the news that Kieran's band, Dark Matter, have won the Teen Star television series and her boyfriend is now famous, changes her life as well as his.

Bullied by the vile Dorm Demons at Ivy House, hounded by paparazzi keen to snap her Bad Hair Days, horrified by her Mum's budding relationship with a community member, and missing her home and her best friend, Amy, Lainey repeatedly tries to escape, only to be hauled back to face even more challenges.

When she's finally allowed to return to Bath, Lainey is thrilled to be back. But the demands of fame are changing Kieran, and the pressures start to take their toll on everyone. Lainey finds that first love is only one step along the path to growing up.




Lainey Lainey 

The sequel to Lainey's Lot 




Lainey Morgan’s life finally seems settled and she’s in a stable relationship with Nat, her “comfy slippers” boyfriend. But a chance encounter with Kieran, her ex-boyfriend, shakes her world and she finds herself increasingly involved in supporting Kieron through an emotional meltdown. While Kieron struggles with loss and the demands of the music industry, the demons of Lainey’s past return to haunt her, and an anonymous enemy undermines her through social media.

Drawn together by a bond they thought was broken, faced with deception from unexpected quarters, it begins to seem as if the only people that Lainey and Kieron can trust are each other.

Available in paperback and on Kindle