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The Heartbeat at Your Feet is the first book to reveal how you can fully understand and communicate with dogs, and how you can easily eliminate any behavior problems, based on new information about animal behavior. Each chapter explores the mind of the dog, its instincts, body language, how and why dogs respond to the people and animals around them, and the profound insights you can gain into what your dog is thinking and feeling through the simple process of observation.

Enlightening (and entertaining!), the book guides readers to look at life from your dog's point of view, to understand what your dog is trying to tell you and why, and to notice what makes your pooch listen to you. Including real-life examples throughout the work, The Heartbeat at Your Feet explains how positive methods of behavior modification work more effectively (and permanently) than old dominance methods, which have now proven to be ineffective. As a canine psychologist and professional consultant to dog owners, Lisa Tenzin-Dolma explains compassionate ways of working with dogs and offers readers a guide to improving pet behavior and the relationship between you and your beloved pooch.

Reviews from the publisher's website

Authoritative, yet sensitive and personal, this wonderful book is indispensable for all who seek to know their dogs, and revelatory for those of us who think we already do.

Bel Mooney, columnist and author of A Small Dog Saved my Life

Lisa Tenzin-Dolma offers a refreshing alternative to harsh dominance-based dog training methods. It is based on teaching the dog to trust his owner and to choose to cooperate rather than forcing or coercing the dog to obey commands. The inclusion of interesting facts about the way dogs think and illustrative case histories gives the reader much more than just useful training methods. A definite paws up book.

- Stanley Coren, PhD, FRSC, professor of psychology and author of many books including Born to Bark and How to Speak Dog

If you're committed to taking the relationship with your dog to the next level, The Heartbeat at Your Feet is a must read. Lisa Tenzin-Dolma gives you access to the canine brain. Finally, we've been given the opportunity to understand a dog's behavior from their own perspective - incredibly empowering!

- Cheri Lucas, executive director Training Cesar's Way, dog behaviorist National Geographic's Leader of the Pack, dog trainer National Geographic Wild's Dog Whisperer, founder & director Second Chance at Love Humane Society

The Heartbeat at Your Feet is a heart-warming book. Following her case studies and Sympatico approach, Lisa Tenzin-Dolma's gentle nature shines through in her writing, demonstrating the magic of being kind, patient but firm. Her approach will bring out the best in all who read this book.

- Theo Stewart, chair of The Association of INTO Dogs

The Heartbeat at Your Feet combines Lisa Tenzin-Dolma's gentle, compassionate writing with science, stories and practical advice for anyone who strives to understand and improve the relationship with their dog.

- Sue Bosworth, secretary of The Association of INTO Dogs

The Heartbeat at Your Feet offers a fascinating look at the interactions betwee
n dogs and humans, and how we might treat our canine companions with kindness and understanding. Through intriguing case histories of various dogs, Tenzin-Dolma shines a light into their world, revealing the complexity of their wants and needs, indicating how to tell which are 'introverts' and which are 'extroverts,' and showing ways of handling each type. Interesting not just for dog owners, but also for anyone who has wondered about the inner lives of our furry friends.

- Paul Halpern, Ph.D., author of Edge of the Universe: A Voyage to the Cosmic Horizon and Beyond

This book is a warm and very readable exploration of the relationship between people and dogs. It's packed with practical advice on using positive training methods and brought to life through the examples and case studies. I read it in one sitting - but will also be keeping it on my shelf to refer back to!

- Fiona Chalk, trustee of Oldies Club dog rescue charity

As a Veterinarian, The Heartbeat at Your Feet is a fresh approach to understanding dogs' minds and addressing a multitude of behavioral issues encountered by dog owners and veterinarians. The insightful use of case studies, and Lisa's personal experiences with her own dogs, is a practical approach highlighting the success of Sympatico methods which verifies the use of positive training to overcome even serious behavioral problems. This is an invaluable guide for all those who have ever struggled to understand or alter their dog's behavior.

- Amelia Welham, veterinary surgeon and Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons

We need more sensible and up to date books like Lisa Tenzin-Dolma's that help to encourage people to move away from some of the many out-dated and unkind methods and techniques that have been employed for far too long. This book helps to dispel some of the many myths in regard to our domestic dogs so that dogs and people can enjoy a healthier and harmonious relationship based on trust, mutual respect and care. The Heartbeat At Your Feet explains clearly how positive, reward-based methods along with an understanding of the domestic dog works extremely well in training dogs. The many case histories are simply and concisely explained with some heart warming and very positive results.

- Winkie Spiers, dog trainer & behaviour consultant, human & canine bowen therapist, author and speaker, member APDT, PDTE, Association of INTOdogs & BTPA

I LOVE this book! I'm summoned all over the world by panicked dog owners who want to learn how to control the dogs who love them. How can we dominate our spiritual teachers? I tell my students that when they give their dogs what they want, the dogs will be more willing to give the humans what they want, not because the dogs have to, but because they love you and want to please you. But in order to build these mutually collaborative relationships with dogs, it's essential to have an understanding of dogs as a species, their natural behaviors, and how their psyches work. No one has a better understanding of your dog's mind than Lisa Tenzin-Dolma. Lisa has created a manual that all dog lovers should read. The Heartbeat at Your Feet is a treasure trove of intelligent insightful tips about how to train your dog. Lisa teaches us loving, enlightened methods that can ensure a lifetime of confidence, clarity, peace, happiness, and cooperation for you and your beloved dog. I give this book Four Paws Up!

- Amelia Kinkade, author; Straight From the Horse's Mouth: How to Talk to Animals and Get Answers, and The Language of Miracles: A Celebrated Psychic Teaches You to Talk to Animals

Excellent book offering great advice on day to day living with your dogs. This book is beautifully written and is such an absorbing read. It offers a wealth of education about living and communicating harmoniously with your four legged friend. Due to this it is a must read book for any dog owner needing a simple step by step guide for owning a dog.

- Jason Devereux, dog behaviorist, Simply Dog Behaviour

I so enjoyed reading The Heartbeat at Your Feet. Regardless of my experience as an Assistance Dog Trainer, I have to say I have learned so much from this super book. It is an easy read, and flows naturally from one topic to the next. It is up to date with the latest findings too.

Debby Lovell, guide dog trainer


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